Beaconsfield Community Centre runs a successful Harmony Day 28.03.19 by Jeanine Presley



On the 23.03.19 Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre held a successful community day to celebrate Harmony Day and embrace our diverse community and local families.
Harmony Day is celebrated on the 21st March each year through schools, sporting events, community centres and local shires to celebrate multiculturalism promoting inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Rachael Boddy, the centres co-ordinator advised that the day had a festival feel which was fun for all who attended, with approximately 500 people turning up to enjoy the sunny afternoon. The event was celebrated with rides, music & stalls as well as the opportunity to view what the centre offers on a regular basis.

Rachael has been a dedicated Co- Ordinator along with a small but dedicated team of volunteers to Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre. This centre is a community hub which offers short courses, craft groups, pilates & yoga classes as well as 3 year old kinder and occasional care just to name a few.