CoreLogics take on the current market conditions.

The link below is an interesting report from CoreLogic that considers the current market conditions and the impact this has had on house and unit dwellings across the country. 

It considers that the current correction in the market is not as severe as first thought may be the case, however geographically it is wider and not just impacting inner city areas. 

Units have not seen the level of decline at the same rate as house dwellings, likely due to the increased level of first home buyers. 

The report confirms home owners are still be in a strong equity position on the back of the growth level. 

We at Kaye Charles have seen a higher level of first home buyers entering the market, a more stablised market in the past 6 weeks, with solid sales being achieved and some of our harder stock now moving, with solid results achieved on those properties. 

We are seeing a higher quality buyer coming through our opens and an increased buyer enquiry across all property types. 

Although this trend is early, hopefully this will be the back end of the market correction. The results of the federal election may determine this. 




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