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Jeanine has been awarded Beaconsfield’s number 1 Sales Agent by Rate my Agent 2019.
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I hope this email finds you well. Over the past 11 years I have been servicing our landlords in regards to updated valuations, sales, advice and general information.
This publication is a monthly newsletter to my landlords, featuring updated information, recent news and real estate changes and any other info of which you might me interested in.
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Election Outcome.
Although the final counting has not been completed it has been determined that Scott Morrison will remain as our Prime Minister for the next three years. They have changed the rules in regards to over throwing sitting Prime Ministers, so hopefully the outcome of the election will be one of stability.

Policies impacting investors.
Pre – election it was well publicised the Labor government were to make significant changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax. This would have directly impacted those purchasing new investment properties and those with existing properties were to be grandfathered. I believe it would have left a lot of investors nervous and uncertain about the strength of their investment properties.
With the win to the Liberal government these changes will now not occur and the status quo will remain.

Interest Rates
This month the RBA kept interest rates on hold again at 1.5%. There were some reports that it should have had a reduction, but with the election in full swing this may have been seen negatively with suggestions they would not have acting impartially.
Most reports are indicating a reduction next month due to the slowing economy.


Current sales market
The market in the past four weeks has been showing signs of stabilizing with some of our older stock moving with good results and although viewer numbers are still low, their does appear to be a more quality buyer coming through.
Time on the market has slipped back to an average of 61 days. This is an improvement from the near 90 days approx. five months ago.
Saturday the 18th May seen a clearance rate of 64%, which is the best result for quite some time.

Current rental market
The rentals are still staying steady on the slow side. The number of properties and options would appear to be the largest contributing factor to the slowing of this market, so supply and demand is playing its role at the moment. Our vacancy rate at the moment is sitting at approx. 5%, so still not bad but the girls are working hard to secure good tenants for these properties. Meeting the market at the moment is likely to be the key to securing a tenant.

Suburb data of the month: BEACONSFIELD

Median price; $750,000 (H)
Median rent: $400pw (H)
Rental yield: 2.8% (H) & 4.1% (U)
Current rental demand: Average
Rentals on the market: 14


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