The Corner Post and a little bit of Beacy history


In the late 1800’s Beaconsfield was a small settlement where gold was mined, crops grown, and city dwellers would come for weekends.

Beaconsfield was first known as little Berwick and then Lower Beaconsfield after the erection of the Cardinia Hotel.

The little building that locals have grown to love and known as “The Corner Post” was built and opened as the local Post Office on the 7th October 1878. The local post office was originally in Upper Beaconsfield but moved to Beaconsfield to be nearer the Railway, which was about to open on the Gippsland line. This was around the same time that the town became known as Beaconsfield.

The original building still stands today and for many years has been running as a local café and is now about to embark on a new journey as home to the local renowned restaurant of OMY. Many would say a perfect fit for both the building and the restaurant.

In the early 1900’s Beaconsfield boasted two hotels, several stores, a school and a public hall and had a population of 516. In the 2017 census Beaconsfield had a population of 4596 and is a growing vibrant community.

Local history information via Monash University 1999,