Glissman Road and O’Neil Road Intersections.



As most people in Beaconsfield are aware these two intersections continue to be troublesome due to the extensive increase to the traffic over the last few years. Both intersections experience regular bingles and accidents as well as lengthy wait times crossing from the Hwy onto O’Neil Road and accessing the Hwy from both these intersections, causing continued frustration for drivers, particularly from school pick up time to around 6pm.

Earlier this week I contacted the council, Vic Roads, both the state and federal members of parliament. Those that returned my call referred me to the council and Nicholas who is the Councils senior traffic engineer kindly returned my call and was happy to give me as much information as he had.

Nicholas advised that through the Precinct Structure Plans there has been a total of 8 intersections from Beaconsfield through to Pakenham expected to have traffic lights installed over the next few years. The work on these intersections will commence on the Beaconsfield side. State and federal funding have been allocated for this traffic management strategy.

Nicholas did advise everything was still in a preliminary phase and is expecting tenders for the works to go out over next few months. Once all tenders have been submitted and the contractor determined works can then commence. It is hopeful that this will be early next year, likely starting at Oneil Rd. 

So for all these residents impacted by these two intersections we hope that all goes to plan and completion will be done in a timely manner, congestion will ease and the current issues sorted ensuring out towns traffic is managed as safely as can be.