First Home Buyers

Information supplied by George Lambadaridis from Victorian Financial Solutions

Buying a new home valued up to $750,000? You may be eligible for First Home Owner's Grant - $10,000 in Metro Melbourne, up to $20,000 in regional Vic 

Exemptions & Concessions to paying Stamp Duty 

First Home Buyer: 

Principal place of residency valued up to:

$600,000 = fully exempt from paying stamp duty 

$600,001 - $750,000= Concession scale **see below link 


Other key considerations: 

• All concessional discounts are only applicable to contracts entered into on or after 1st of July 2017.

• All purchasers and their partners must meet FHOG eligibility criteria (please ring me with scenarios that best suit) 

• At least one purchaser must use the home as principal place or residence (their home) for a continuous period of 12 months, starting within 12 months of being entitled to possession of the purchased property (which normally occurs at settlement). 


Table Example **Extracted from State Revenue Office 

Dutiable Value;                     Normal Duty                            Duty After Concession 

$605,500                              $31,370                                    $1045 

$625,000                              $32,570                                    $5428 

$650,000                              $34,070                                    $11,356 

$675,000                              $35,370                                    $17,785

$700,000                              $37,070                                    $24,713

$725,000                              $38,570                                    $32,141

$745,000                              $39,700                                    $38,444


Here is a link if you want to calculate stamp duty concession exaclty:


Off-the plan Concession - Important Changes as of 1st of July, 2017

Concessions are based on 2 basic scenario's of whether contracts where signed before or after 1 July, 2017 

Before 1 July 2017 (Contract Signed) -

• Concession available for all property types including residencies purchased for investment purposes or commercial properties 

After  1 July 2017 (Contract Signed) -

• Concession available only for purchases of a home. The transfer must also qualify for the Principal Place of Residency Concession or the First Home Owner Concession which impose a 12 month residence requirement and certain thresholds. 

• The concession is no longer available for off -the plan purchases of holiday homes and investment or commercial properties - These transactions incur full stamp duty.

• If the off the plan purchase is NOT your first home, the home must have a dutiable value (after the Off-the plan concession has been applied) or $550,000 or less. Applicants must also meet all criteria for PPR Concession and live in the property for continuous period of 12 months 


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