A Time for Reflection

A Time for Reflection

Here is a gorgeous snap of our founder, Kaye Charles, and her grandson, Jake!

It was Kaye's vision some 20 years ago to 'go her own way' and create an agency based on integrity, transparency, and family. 

As Kaye built the business, her achievements and philanthropy were an inspiration to many. She retired in 2008.

Her daughter, Amanda Charles, took over the reins. Amanda brought her trademark energy and enthusiasm, with Kaye’s values remaining at our core. 

As we celebrate 20 years, we reflect and pay tribute to Kaye Charles for stepping outside the box and continuing to inspire us to ‘go our own way.’ 

We know who we are and we're super proud of our history and brand. 

We proudly and passionately continue Kaye's tradition of supporting local community. 

A huge thank you goes out to our fabulous team, business partners, clients and friends – it has been a wonderful 20 years and we are beyond excited to continue this amazing journey, with gusto!