Making the decision to transition your property to market is a major step in your real estate journey. Our collaborative mission is to guide you through this process with care, consideration and service excellence, arriving at your destination with the very best outcome possible.


Let's Meet

One of our favourite aspects of the journey - our initial one-on-one. This is an opportunity for us to really get to know you, and vice versa. Learning about your needs and preferences is of upmost importance in tailoring your campaign and nailing the brief. 


A tour of your home is our opportunity to learn about its history, bones and features. This understanding of your property then allows us to ensure buyers see your home through your eyes, and recognise its value and potential. Our one-on-one is also an opportunity to discuss any works you are considering carrying out, and if they will add to your end outcome.



Next, we determine where your property sits in the market. A price guide is established using a combination of data; including comparable sales in the area, current market conditions and forecasts. This is an open discussion based on transparency.




A customised marketing plan is tailored to suit you and your property. A schedule is prepared consisting of strategic digital campaigns; print media; and targeted email campaigns utilising our buyer’s database across two offices.  



Making It Happen

A formal agreement, known as an ‘Exclusive Sales Authority’, is signed by all parties. This agreement gives us permission to market and sell your property. The agreement stipulates your desired outcome in relation to price and settlement terms. Now is a good time for you to engage the services of a conveyancer with the aim of preparing a Section 32 Statement. 


Ready To Launch

Once you’re ready, we’re ready! Photography is the next step. Our 5-star photography team are local and flexible so we can fit in with you (and work around the weather).  Once photographs are taken, we are up and running online within 24 hours. 


Team Effort

By this stage, our sales team have contacted the VIP buyers on our database. From there, we are conducting inspection appointments and giving you constant feedback throughout the campaign. 


Our approach to your transaction is one of 100 per cent, your sale is number one, regardless of the number of listings we have. Your campaign will have the full attention of our whole team, across two offices, working with you and for you the entire way. 



From the moment we meet a buyer we are ascertaining their “buying integrity”.  Often the best time to capitalise on a formal offer, in regards to both price and terms, is at the time it is made. Genuine offers from qualified buyers will be presented to you as they are received. Once we have an agreement, contracts are signed and the post-sale process begins. 


From here, we guide you through to settlement and the next chapter of your property journey. We are end-to-end negotiators and advisors. Responsive, supportive and with you all the way.


"The level of care that this team treats its clients with is absolutely top draw! Not only do they care about the client, but their care for the area that they live & work in is so obvious, and that’s so good to see. Lead well, this team of ladies (and Skipper!) are fierce when they need to be, but don’t overdo it like a lot of agents & show a level of compassion that is so necessary when people are making the biggest financial decision of their lives. They know what they do & they do it very well!"

- Andy Reid, Verified Testimonial, Google



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