Downsizing 3 - Positive Outcomes

As we get older two things happen - 1) we get more and more attached to our things and our home and 2) it gets more and more important to make the right decisions.   The risk factor is higher and our tolerance of risk is lower.  Diametrically opposed forces are at play here.  So what needs to happen?  We need to embrace change AND We Need to Reduce the Risk.  Let’s continue to explore how to do both of those things.

Know What You Want.  Do the research.  What are your options?  Take Control.

In the last couple of articles we identified some of the common concerns and negative beliefs around downsizing.  So let’s turn it on its head and think about what it is you want to change.  Why downsize?

It’s time to put that kettle on and get your notebook out.

You ready?

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine what the up side of the down size will be?  Can you see yourself in your new space?  What does it look like?  Where are you?  What can you see?  What can you do?  Who are you with?  How is it different?

List #1. Now write down all the positive things - everything that came to mind.

Here are some examples of positive outcomes….

More Space, More Time for Leisure, More income, More control, More to invest, Less Cleaning, Less Maintenance, A new space = reinvigorating, More relaxing, Closer to shops & services

What are yours?

List #2. Now write a list of all the things you want & need - what will make you feel comfortable and what will make you happy.  For example, staying in the same area, being close to family, (being far far away from family), being able to walk to the shops, being able to get to your favourite class - be it line-dancing, quilting or woodwork.

I’d love to see what you have written!  Pin it to the fridge and keep it front and centre.  Add to it over the coming days.  This is a gentle process.  Not to be rushed.

Next month, we will start looking at some possible options for you.  This is not a one-size-fits-all thing.  I am going to encourage you to Think OUTSIDE the BOX by going through a few case studies - to illustrate what other people have done to solve their dilemmas and to understand what’s possible…!