Refresh your home – and your life!

Refresh your home – and your life!

There’s something totally rejuvenating about sprucing up your home; whether you’re preparing to sell or simply welcoming the new year, refreshing your home – and your life – can be utterly gratifying. 



The process doesn’t need to be costly or overwhelming; think of it as a therapeutic journey, taken one room at a time, peeling back the layers and revealing a fresh, clean space. And yes, it will feel as amazing as it sounds!



To kick-start your journey, we have some super-easy tips for you below. 



Hello Sunshine

Open curtains and blinds and clean windows to let the sunshine pour in.



Open the Windows

A great way to freshen up your home is by opening the windows. Open them in every room, even for just an hour, to allow circulation and kick out the recycled air of the cooler months. Your house will smell extraordinarily fresh and hopefully your neighbours won’t mind seeing a bit more of you!




A Simple Declutter

Before you do any cleaning or styling, declutter and put any heavy winter items away. This doesn't need to be overwhelming, simply take it one room at a time. Edit and remove excess items or give them away if they no longer bring you joy!


Squeaky Clean 

Again, this doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Arm yourself with your best cleaning products and air pods, and take it one space at a time. Dust, polish and wipe your way to a fresh, clean house. The satisfaction is worth it!


Rearrange Furniture

A great way to re-energise a room is to rearrange the furniture. Place the bed against a different wall or rotate the living room’s seating for a fresh, new take. 


Bring the Outside In

Buy fully grown plants in gorgeous pots, arrange vases of fresh garden flowers or, if you’re in the mood, grow some herbs by the kitchen window.



Go Faux

If you don’t have the time or inclination to take care of plants, then faux is the way to go! The quality of faux plants and flowers these days is amazing. Many look so real they give off the same fresh vibe as living plants


Style your Surfaces

Update your look by re-styling the coffee table, side tables, shelves, countertops or consoles. You don’t have to do anything major, just swap out or add a few things here and there. Light and bright vessels and trinkets, beads or photo frames can make a huge difference. A stack of books and a green plant can add a lovely freshness.


Breezy Bedding

Pack away the flannels and dress your bed with light fabrics. Contrasting accent pillows and light weight throws will complete the look.




Bring the garden inside with floral or citrus scented candles and room sprays or pop lavender water in your iron to get your linens smelling really lovely. Splash out on a botanical scented laundry liquid, there’s nothing like the scent of an amazing detergent in your house! (Hot Tip: Cuddly "Wild Lavender")



Boost your mood by popping on some lively music while you throw the windows wide open. Try spotify’s “Mood Booster” playlist to put a spring in your step.


The Power of Cushions

Cushions are a super easy way to change the feeling of a room. They can be swapped out seasonally for a big impact without breaking the bank. Choose pretty colours and patterns that you love, that way you’ll know they are going to work. Add a linen throw to complete the vibe.


Wall Deco

Show your personality by swapping out a piece of wall art for something new and punchy. There are some great, inexpensive seasonal pieces available at local department stores. (Hot Tip: Kmart!)


Try a New Doormat

Want to smile every time you come home? Swap out your well-worn doormat for a bright, cheerful one that says “Our Happy Place” or “Wine is always Welcome”.  Sweep, de-cobweb and add a potted plant to the front entrance to complete your sprucing-up for the new you in 2022!


If you’re planning on selling, be sure to check out our blog tips for preparing your home for pointers on how to master the art of presentation on Inspection Day.