Selling in Winter

Selling in Winter

Can Winter be a good time to sell? The simple answer is yes. While Spring may be traditional, there’s a lot to be said for selling in Winter.


Here are our top 5 reasons:


Fewer Houses for Sale

The number of properties on the market are at seasonal lows. This narrows options for buyers, making it more likely that an increased buyer pool would consider buying your home.


Increased Competition

With limited stock, there are more buyers competing for the same property, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale at the right price.



Serious Buyers

Let’s face it, not many buyers are heading out in cold, blistery conditions if they are not serious. Winter attracts motivated buyers, not browsers.


Stand Out

With fewer homes on the market, Winter is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Buyers are less likely to scroll past your listing if there are a limited number of properties for sale.



One of the pleasures of Winter is stepping inside a warm and cosy home after being out in the cold.

Winter ambience is easily created by having the heating and/or fireplace going for a toasty welcome and burning a gentle scent such as ‘home-made apple pie’ to create a sense of comfort. Add layers of warmth with rugs, throws and cushions, and use lamps for mood lighting. 



If your property sale is ready to beat the Winter chill, give our experienced, award winning team a call today.

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