Pot Plant Perfection

Pot Plant Perfection

Are you a green thumb or wish you had more leafy friends? 


Our Queen of all things Botanical, Claudette Lynch, shares her top styling tips for indoor pot plant perfection. 


'Indoor plants are not only mood-boosting, but they also release a sense of calm and freshness into your home...'


Grouping Greenery

Always group pot plants in odd numbers, this provides a balanced aesthetic when staggering their position. If space is limited, a single oversized pot plant can add visual interest. 


Pot Height and Shape

You can really have fun choosing different pots. There are no rules but having different heights for a tiered effect will add to the appeal of your display. (Tip: Plant stands can help achieve this or a pile of books under your pot). Unique shapes and sizes will create interesting silhouettes and have your plants popping. 



Potted Colour

Grouping pots of a similar colour palette but different textures or patterns will set the scene for a cohesive, calming effect. You may want to consider a more adventurous feel with a mix of colours and textures, creating an eclectic vibe. It’s all about your personal choice.


Choosing Plants

Selecting foliage is again about personal choice. For a soothing, minimalist look, try grouping plants of a similar leaf colour but different shapes for added interest. To inject some playfulness into your display, choose foliage with different colours. Environmental factors such as direct or indirect sunlight and drafts will determine which plants will work best for you. Chat to your nursery specialist for advice.


Pot Placement

Liven up an empty corner, breath freshness into your entry hall or elevate your bathrooms with botanical ambience. Windowsill dwellers are another great way to add lushness. Be sure to follow the care instructions of your plants and, of course, water when required. (#waterhelps!)



Faux is Fine

The quality of faux plants these days is amazing. If you don’t have the time or inclination to take care of living plants, then faux is the way to go. Many look so real they give off the same fresh vibe as living plants, they just require the occasional dusting! 


Get Styling

Now the fun begins! Grab your pots and plants and position them in their allocated spots. Have a play around with grouping, until it looks right for you. Grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy your new leafy friends.